Prompted in a Time of Covid

The man says you have to/ don’t have to begin somewhere.

A Poem, Like A Disease
exists in its symptoms.
A writer asymptotic one day
may eat half a we dare you to order the burger
and months later give birth to a bouncing line.
I say Icarus flew before falling,
and only needed a precipitating factor.
That is not to say meat pollinated,
or would be required
to birth a poetic line.
effin way. After all
the plums were in the ice box,
the deer were shadows before being seen.
One day life’s fantastic
and then there’s a sneeze.


7 thoughts on “Prompted in a Time of Covid

  1. Fantastic piece – witty, engaging and right on the money. Terrific title/ first line / or not – I was completely engaged and the rest followed – through burger halls, Williams’ ice-box, mythos and all. Bravo.


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