a la Cyrano? Not really



He built a treehouse from wood and nails,
silver wires, bald tires, paper, glue, and elk sinew,
Magellan sacrificed to insure his crew’s survival.


When I woke up and spoke of the glory I saw,
the silver and gold, the mystery–my husband
said : That’s the Smithsonian. Heaven’s garage.


We were 9 when the boy next door took scrap
from construction sites to build a clubhouse. In
retrospect, it was the act of building that I loved.


Have you seen the thing in your mind? Are you
repeating it like a dictaphone? Or is it some half
and half collaboration fingers edited by eyes.


Oh, Heaven. Such a much concretions and visions
a place no one could invade, a made thing, artifact
I am unhappy with my life, say the dreamers.


Pemberley. Manderly. Doors created from syllables.
Such a small collection of sounds we symbolize
and they have turned out so many grand buildings.


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