Ain’t Great, But I Did It

Valentines/Covid Times

On a day designed by Hallmark
no one can get away
from Love as a candy conceit.
But Love includes shouting,
snow, joy beyond words, doubting,
sullenness, sleeplessness, play
and afterplay, nausea, no heat,
and more twists than any amusement park.
We haven’t been inside a grocery store
for so long they might be obsolete.
I forget how it feels to be in a cafe.
The more we’re together the more we withdraw
to neutral corners. There’s no law
that mandates Love must be sweet
24/7/52. Love’s not gold leaf sorbet.
But, yes. Everything we are and more.



3 thoughts on “Ain’t Great, But I Did It

  1. Yeah… I get that 24/7/52 especially since last March… Got a small reprieve today.
    I almost got a cupcake… when I sent him out for milk and bread, but he didn’t like what was available.
    So I got the usually. That wonky smile I love so much 😉
    Maybe tomorrow if I run errands I’ll get myself some half price flowers?
    I’m growing a radish top and a carrot top to add some color… but they are slow to grow and the leaves are green.


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