Opposites Distract

Self Portrait
Joan Brown

In Which I Address the Subject of the Painting

What, you ask, is the opposite of
“The dog overturned the garbage can”? Assuming
it is not “The dog-owner trained his pup so well
it made lots of movies and the family ate out
three times a day,” I am considering the question
with the seriousness it deserves.
Here, considerately, I omit
some arguments. But
“Savings and Loan” is not
the opposite of “garbage can”
nor is “international space station”.
Having concluded that—whatever
the cat says—there is no perfect antonym
for “dog,” I leave the literal
to give the trashy animal a metaphor.
A small, and biased, section
of the populace housed here
consider this:

a woman paints a flower

to be a pretty image,
one with lighter, subtler sounds than:

inorganic master race could be in process of to launch
delightful smelling fresh cream pie

and is therefore the answer to the question of the day. Let us toast Joan and her self-portrait as the face of opposition when it comes to garbage dumping dogs. Hip, hip…

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