April 16

Definition: Character

Clarice Starling has been subsumed by Jody Foster,
who somewhere learned how southern and mountain differ.
Any East Tennessee drama teacher knows a fool can fake
the mountain drawl by locking down her lower jaw. That
doesn't fix Scarlett O'Hara, bias of any sort, chronic
unemployment, or the skin and teeth of inherited poverty,
but verisimilitude is an inch in the right direction. You
see: I was taught you could beat the past with increments.
Now, though, I'm old. My spotted skin and all my flaws
sashay across the stage sporting one-piece swimsuits, spike
heels, and satin labels: Miz Bigot, Miz Hypocrite, Old Miz
You Can't Get There From Here 1947. Still I sigh at new
SUVs bearing heirloom Confederate flags and flaking Trump
decals, knowing all reaction's a tale about chicken v egg.

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