For Quickly’s October 3

October Composition #1

With her eBook closed and moonlight watching her sleeping husband,
she returns to planning the book she will write in November. Last night
the protagonist and the bass-playing love interest followed the rules
and made love at last. Because the broad strokes of the story should be firm
in her mind, she will now replay the scene. Why should fiction have all the fun?

The morning sky will not appear to be blue. Unless  blue is flannel soft
and Confederate gray.  The river may show lavenders, pinks, a trace 
of something like yellow, and in silhouette the great blue heron 
flying from home toward his favorite breakfast place. The train will 
call from the bridge.  The mud bank will always give sound to the water.

2 thoughts on “For Quickly’s October 3

  1. I agree with Misky – the second stanza is so sensory filled, it’s completely evocative – had me right at the sky being like flannel — and oddly, as per the prompt idea – the two stanzas don’t seem related at all. The first so “dry” – factual – and yet there is a link, at least this ended up being my interpretation – or perhaps, as suggested by the prompt, if words are crafted/composed a certain way, with deliberate care + intention, then placed within close proximity, the reader searches and tries to make connections.

    At any rate, I think it’s a simple and yet challenging prompt – and I really like what you’ve offered here.


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